Development cooperation , 04.12.2013

Reinforsement of Nairobi Distribution System


The purpose of the Project, known commonly as the Juja Road Substation Renewal, is to reinforce the 132 kV and 66 kV distribution systems of Nairobi City and the greater Nairobi area by upgrading the Juja Road substation. This would help assure adequate and reliable energy to the area. The entire population of Nairobi is 3,1 million approximately with some 800,000 in the Juja Division. The Project will become part of and help fully realize the advantages of an on-going Distribution Upgrading Project by effectively supplying the 66/11 kV primary substations, which supply the commercial and industrial parts of the city and areas inhabited by extremely poor communities such as the Mathare Valley, Kibera, Makuri, and other slums around Nairobi city. The Project cost is 24 millions euros.

Funding decision  04.12.2013

13 070 873 €

Field of activity

  • Electrical transmission/ distribution 100%



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