Development cooperation ,07.12.2015

Assessment of soil amendment rock resources, phase II


The purpose of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the Ethiopian counterpart agencies to develop information on mineral and soil resources for improving agricultural productivity. Specific attention is given to the assessment on carbonate rock resources, since the production of acid agricultural lands can be improved significantly with balanced application of lime. The project aims to achieve 6 results: 1.Detailed project implementation plan is prepared for capacity building and research 2. Technical and human capacities of Geological Survey Ethiopia on mapping and documenting geoinformation are improved, 3. Human and technical capacities of Oromia Agricultural Research Institute are improved, 4. Lime development has been promoted to identified public and private companies interested on lime production and distribution 5. Agricultural extension services are improved and 6. Project's results are disseminated to relevant stakeholders in agricultural and mineral sectors. Project's fieldwork will be conducted in Oromia region. The budgrt is 700 000 euros, divided as follows: 2016: 250 000 euros, 2017:250 000 euros and 2018:200 000 euros. The project is second phase of the project that was implemented in 2014-2015. Ethiopia belongs to the least development countries (LDC).

Funding decision  07.12.2015

700 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Trade development
  • Climate change - adaptation
  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Agricultural research 100%

Funding channel

Geologian tutkimuskeskus



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