Development cooperation ,11.12.2013

Andean Regional Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) Programme; Techinal Assistance for the remaining implementation period


Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) in the Andean Region (Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia) is a partnership programme to promote the use of the renewable energy resources and clean technologies and contributing to combating the effects of the climate change. The objective of the partnership is to promote the use of renewable energy and clean technology solutions to regional and national policies and to promote ecologically and socially sustainable development, increasing knowledge and access to modern, affordable and reliable energy solutions especially in the poor rural areas of the partner countries. The partnership contributes to foster regional integration and cooperation by public and private sector partnership projects. The program provides grants for developing, piloting and scaling up inclusive business models and provides seed money for the preparatory phases of sustainable energy investments. The beneficiaries of the EEP-cooperation are the local rural population whose access to affordable renewable energy solutions is strengthened. Renewable energy based economic development is in many cases more sustainable as it relies on local energy sources, creates local employment opportunities and prevents pollution. The EEP Programme includes a regional fund thought which co-finances renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. There are currently 18 projects ongoing. The host organization of the Andean EEP Programme is the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, IICA which is a specialized agency under the Organisation of American States OAS. The regional coordination of the Andean EEP Progamme is in Lima, Peru. The implementation period for the programme is 2011-2016 with a current total budget is 9,05 million Euros.However, the technical assistance for the EEP Programme is currently procured until 2014 only. To secure the technical assistance needed for the entire EEP implementation period, the additional funds are allocated for 2014-2016.

Funding decision  11.12.2013

1 620 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Climate change - adaptation
  • Climate change - mitigation
  • Gender equality
  • Participatory development/Good governance

Field of activity

  • Power generation/renewable sources 100%

Funding channel

Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture



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