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Geneva Call: Generating and fostering ownership of International Humanitarian Norms in Lebanon (2nd phase)


The aim of this Geneva Call project is generating and fostering ownership of international humanitarian norms in Lebanon through an engagement with influential actors in Lebanon on the protection of civilians from the effects of armed violence and armed conflict. The project is based on Geneva Call's long term (since 2010) work and established network of confidence in Lebanon. The previous Finnish funding (5/2015 – 4/2017, 448.029 Euros) expanded the previous work and now Finland is committing to second phase of funding for this highly relevant intervention. According to the Finnish-funded Strategic review of the first five years (2010-2015) "Against the baseline situation of no awareness and no one else doing work on these issues in Lebanon, and an overall political climate that justifies everyone’s ‘need to defend themselves’, amounts to a very significant achievement in a good 5 years." One significant achievement is the establishment of an inter-party task force on child protection. It is essential for Finland to support the stability and resilience of the neighboring countries of Syria hosting millions of Syrian refugees. This project is part of the third pillar of the Finnish Syria & Iraq Aid strategy 2017-2020 contributing directly to the outcome 3.2. "More inclusive refugee & resilience response in Lebanon & Jordan" and output 3.2.2. "Consensus between the political parties in Lebanon on how to mitigate the impact of the Syrian crisis and coherent implementation thereafter." The operating environment for the project is difficult and the general risk level can be determined as ranging from medium to high. It's typical for these kind of conflict prevention projects that the risks are largely programmatic: macro-level changes in the operating environment are beyond the influence of Finland or the implementing organization itself. The project - including the activities on IHL-training to armed non-state actors - is ODA-eligible. The total budget of the project is 641.145 Euros and the Finnish funding amounts to 577.030 Euros.

Funding decision  28.06.2017

577 030 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Participatory development/Good governance

Field of activity

  • Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution 70%
  • Human rights 30%

Special target group

  • children
  • youth

Funding channel

Geneva Call



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