Development cooperation ,22.08.2013

District Doctor Training Program (DDTP)


The development problem is the lack of traied doctors in the rural areas of Nepal. For example only 14/65 district hospitals provide cesarean sections. Immediate objective of the project is to increase the number of competent doctors able and willing to work in district level as well as in smaller rural hospitals, thus increasing the equality and accessibility of health services throughout the country. This is achieved by means of the district Doctor Training Program, a three year rotating post graduate training schedule in which the participating doctors achieve surgical, medical and administrative competence, as well as positive attitude towards working in rural setting. Participating doctors achieve also a degree of Medical Doctorate in General Practice (MDGP). Two doctors a year are accepted to training; thus, each year there are altogether six doctors in on-the-job training.

Field of activity

  • Health education 100%

Funding channel

Suomen Kristillinen Lääkäriseura



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