Development cooperation ,19.11.2012

INT/Support to Service center for development cooperation


Financing agreement of the Finnish development NGOs' umbrella organisation Kepa. Kepa's work during the new programme cycle 2013-15 concentrates on three areas: 1. Influencing political decision-making in order to eradicate poverty and inequality. 2. Influencing public opinion in Finland. 3. Strengthening the operating capacity of the membership. As a cross-cutting principle Kepa strengthens vibrant relations with members by developing new ways of supporting member organisations as well as increases collaboration with internaitonal CSOs. Kepa's advocacy work focuses on three policy themes: development cooperation, global economic policies and climate justice. As an umbrella organisation Kepa represents its members, promotes their participation in relevant processes and gathers them to act together. The learning and enabling environment of the Finnish CSOs is promoted so that they can fulfill their full potential as civil society actors, Through its offices in Mekong, Mozambique, Nicaragua and Tanzania Kepa has wide contacts with civil society actors in the South. Kepa supports Southern CSOs in networking and offers them topical information. The work will be extended in the South to other countries in the region where Kepa offices are currently located.

Funding decision  19.11.2012

17 600 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Participatory development/Good governance
  • Aid to environment

Field of activity

  • Promotion of development awareness 100%

Funding channel

Kehitysyhteistyön Palvelukeskus ry



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