Development cooperation ,27.11.2014

Partnership Agreement Scheme/The Free Church Federation in Finland


Funding of the Free Church Federation's development work through a Partnership Agreement Scheme. Since 1995 FS had a framework agreement with the MFA regarding development aid which at the end of year 2003 was changed into a partnership agreement and the previous intervention 89808706 has been included in this new agreement (a different name in Swedish but in English no name change). Development programme has ODA eligibility and confers to the guidelines and strategies of the Finnish development cooperation on the development policy level. Programme has no DAC objective because education and health do not belong to DAC objectives; a significant sub-objective is gender equality. FS is an umbrella organization for six member organizations (MO). MO’s report to FS their projects which have been elected to the development programme for which FS reports. Compared to the previous funding period FS’s reporting has improved concerning development programme as well as reporting results on programme level. On project level results e.g Education and Rehabilitation for Disabled People In Mae Hong Son-provinsen i Thailand where CDPD (Center for the Development of People with Disabilities) has developed an integrated, holistic method for working with people with Disabilities and has got the mark excellent from ISO International Organization for Standardization after the testing in September 2013. The method is now being used in three special teaching centers in the province. 2015-2017: The Free Church Federation's programme is based in two interrelated themes and during the forthcoming funding period will continue focusing on two main areas: Education and Health in 18 countries and in 25 projects. By working in these focus areas we are pursuing an improved human rights situation, decreased poverty, improved public health, support for democracy and a sustainable environmental development. We aim to strengthen our own and our local partners' capacity in these areas. We are committed to mainstream Rights-based approach (RBA) and climate change mitigation/adaptation in our programme. FS focuses to further develop the quality and aid effectiveness.

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Funding decision  27.11.2014

6 114 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Multisector aid 100%

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