Development cooperation , 11.10.2016

Evaluation 3 on the Programme-based Support through Finnish Civil Society Organisations, Foundations and Umbrella Organisations


In 2015, a series of evaluations commenced, covering all of the Civil Society Organization (CSO) programmes that receive multiannual programme-based support from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). A total of 22 organizations receive programme-based support from the MFA: 17 CSO, three specialized foundations and two umbrella organizations. Now, the third and last evaluation of the series is starting. As a part of this evaluation, the programmes of the remaining ten organizations that receive programme-based support will be evaluated. The included CSOs are Political Parties of Finland for Democracy (Demo Finland), The Free Church Federation in Finland (Frikyrklig Samverkan), Trade Union Solidarity Center (SASK), International Solidarity Foundation (Solidaarisuus) and Disability Partnership Finland (Vammaiskumppanuus). The foundations are Abilis Foundation, Kios Foundation and Siemenpuu Foundation. The umbrella organizations are Kepa and the Finnish NGDO Platform to the EU (Kehys). In addition to the CSO-programme evaluations and synthesis report covering all 10 CSOs, a meta-analysis covering all evaluated 22 CSOs will be produced. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide evidence-based information on the CSOs', foundations' and umbrella organisations' performance and results achieved through programme-based support and on the strategic planning, administration and management of the programme-based support funding modality in the MFA. The evaluation will be based on the analysis of written material, interviews and field trips to sample projects. A participatory approach to the evaluation will be emphasized. The results of the evaluation will be used in the revising of the programme-based support modality and the future programmes of the CSOs. The evaluation period under scrutiny is 2010 ̶ 2016. The tender process for framework partners will be organized so that the evaluation can commence in autumn 2016. The evaluation results are expected to be available in 2017.

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