Development cooperation ,27.11.2015

Forestry and Value Chains Development, FORVAC


The ”Forestry and Value Chains Development” Programme primarily builds on the activities, experiences and lessons learned from two ongoing bilateral programmes in Tanzania, namely the “Extension of Support to the National Forest and Beekeeping Programme (NFBKP II) Implementation” and “Lindi and Mtwara Agribusiness Support” (LIMAS). The new phase (4 years 2018-2022 and 9.9 million euros) of the NFBKP will shift emphasis from community based forest management to sustainable utilisation and forestry value chain. The programme will concentrate more on strengthening institutional framework and creating enabling environment for the private sector stakeholders to manage and utilise natural forest in a sustainably. Adoption of business and market-driven value chain approach is at the core of the Programme as is linking up with business development providers and private sector. This will be based in an approach to work with clusters of districts, building on the critical mass of successful value chains based in VLFRs and thus generating positive economic and social impacts in the surrounding communities and districts. The programme will increase incomes and employment in the communities and among private sector entrepreneurs involved from harvesting to the sales of forest based products in the markets. The core of the programme will emphasise development of enabling environment for the private sector and communities to invest more on the forest resource and to make better use of forests in a sustainable manner. The estimated number of Programme beneficiaries is 330,000. Besides local communities in 8 districts, it includes Forest and Beekeeping Division (FBD) of the MNRT, Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) and their staffs at national level. They will benefit from the activities of the Programme for example through improved policies, Sustainable Forest Management guidelines and tools, revenue collection, control of illegal timber trades and benefit sharing mechanisms as well as new methodologies for harvesting and auctioning serving better also the private sector entreprenours and local communities.

Funding decision  27.11.2015

9 950 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Aid to environment
  • Climate change - mitigation
  • Climate change - adaptation
  • Participatory development/Good governance

Field of activity

  • Forestry policy and administrative management 50%
  • Forestry development 50%

Funding channel

Tansanian valtiovarain ja taloudellisten asioiden ministeriö



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