Development cooperation ,21.10.2014

UNRWA/humanitarian assistance to the Syria regional crisis response


Humanitarian aid to the victims of the war in Syria through the United Nations Relief and Work Agency. Of the around half a million Palestine refugees who lived in Syria before the war, every second has had to flee their homes and become internally displaced persons and 13% have become refugees before the borders were in practice closed for them. The agency needs 417 mln USD in 2014 to help Palestine refugees in Syria, of which half is still not funded. Amidst the crisis UNRWA continues to deliver basic services to Palestine refugees, eg. its schools in Syria are attended by over 46 000 children. The agency also runs a sizeable cash assistance programme which helps Palestine refugees buy food and pay their rent. In the camps, eg. in the besieged Yarmouk, UNRWA delivers food and other emergency assistance also to the Syrians living there.

Funding decision  21.10.2014

1 500 000 €

Field of activity

  • Material relief assistance and services 100%

Funding channel

YK:n palestiinalaispakolaisten avustusjärjestö



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