Development cooperation ,29.03.2016

Improving the electric power supply reliability in Dar es Salaam


The objective of the project is to support sustainable economic and social development in Tanzania by strengthening the power distribution network in Dar es Salaam through rehabilitation and provision of a SCADA system. The project will improve the reliability of power supply and reduce technical losses in the power distribution network. The distribution network is overloaded and over-aged, which increases losses and leads to constant operational shutdowns. Without well operating power supply the development prospects of the private sector remain weak, which will have a negative impact on the national economy. The reliability of power supply will have impact on the operations of the companies and industries, public sector institutions (schools, hospitals and health centers) and on daily lives of individuals. One important beneficiary group are small entrepreneurs, many of which are women. Inefficient power distribution, with an obsolete system that causes constant power cuts is also harmful to the environment. Tanesco (Tanzanian government’s power supply company) is in charge of the project. Hifab Oy provides consultancy services for the design and supervision of the contract works and Eltel Group Oy is the contractor. The project’s planning phase started in 2010 and contract work in 2013. The contract work is delayed. It is estimated to be completed by the end of April 2016. Major part of equipment and materials have been delivered to Tanzania. The new substation and control center buildings and equipment are pending finalization. Commissioning of the SCADA/DMS system is under completion. Most of the underground cables have been installed. Tanesco’s personnel has been trained for the tasks of the substations and centralized power system control. The remaining works include finalization of the buildings, completion of the installation and commissioning of the equipment and cables. The training of Tanesco personnel will continue till the completion of the contract.Finland’s financial contribution of the original budget of the project is 26,5 million €. For the completion of the project there is need for additional financing, out of which Finland ‘s share is 0,2 million €.Additional financing will be used for the supervision of the contract works, training of the local personnel and additional variations of the contract work.

Funding decision  29.03.2016

200 000 €

Field of activity

  • Electrical transmission/ distribution 100%

Funding channel

  • Konsultit
  • Kehitysmaan julkinen sektori



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