Development cooperation ,11.07.2016

Strengthening the Agenda 2030 implementation and multilateral development cooperation


Finland’s development policy and development cooperation are guided by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, endorsed within the UN. Nearly all of Finland’s development cooperation partner countries count among the least developed countries (LDCs), who have the greatest need for international support. The Ecosoc monitoring process and related mechanisms regarding the Agenda 2030 implementation are also in transition. Influencing and participating the midterm review of the implementation of the Programme of Action for LDCs process and Ecosoc Agenda 2030 process are integral part of UN development issues. The funds will enable the unit and MFA experts to adequately participate in this work and the corresponding international meetings together with the like minded countries, i.e. cover the travel expenses when these expenses are not covered by the organizing/inviting party.

Funding decision  11.07.2016

27 200 €

Field of activity

  • Administrative costs 100%

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