Development cooperation , 26.06.2014

Farmers' Clubs for wealth creation among smallholder farmers in Mozambique


Farmers' Club initiatives of ADPP will be supported in two provinces; Sofala and Zambézia in 2014-2018. The programme intends to have an effect on reducing poverty through increasing the productivity of farming and increasing the income of farmes in a sustainable way. The specific objectives of the programme are: i) to enhance the food security of farmer families through increased and diversified productivity, ii) to enhance the access of farmers to markets and financing (business based approach) in order to increase the share of producers in the agricultural value chains and, iii) to increase general health awareness and enhance the communities' environmental, water and sanitation conditions.

Funding decision  26.06.2014

8 000 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Participatory development/Good governance
  • Aid to environment
  • Climate change - adaptation
  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Agricultural extension 30%
  • Agricultural co-operatives 50%
  • Rural development 20%

Special target group

  • women
  • youth

Funding channel

Kehitysmaan kansalaisjärjestö



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