Development cooperation , 10.08.2015

Evaluation of program based support through NGOs


The year 2015 begins a series of evaluations that will evaluate all programs of the Civil Society Organizations receiving multiannual program based support during the next three years. Yearly a program evaluation on the results of 5-6 organizations will be carried out as well as a document analysis on a specific instrument level question. In 2015 the instrument level question is the results management chain of each organization receiving program based support. A total of 19 organizations and 3 foundations receive program based support: organizations with a partnership status, special foundations and umbrella organizations. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide independent information on the results and impact of the CSO development cooperation as well as on the support of the current operational management mechanisms in the CSOs and the MFA in achieving results. The evaluation will assess the results based management systems of each organization receiving program-support (all 22 organizations) and provide evidence on the successes and challenges of the CSO development cooperation programs (6 organizations) by assessing the value and worth of the obtained results. The evaluation covers the period of 2010 – 2015. The evaluation will be done on the base of document material, interviews and field trips to projects. The approach and working modality will be participatory. The tender process will be started in so that the evaluation could be started in October 2015. The evaluation results are expected to be available by May 2016. The budget of the evaluation is 400 000 Euros

Funding decision  10.08.2015

469 997 €

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