Development cooperation ,27.12.2012

Regional Andean Programme to enhance Weather, Water, Climate Services and Development PRASDES


Andean region countries (Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru) are vulnerable to the effects of climate change due to their geographical position. Extreme weather patterns, floods, drought and so called ENSO phenomena (El Niño Southern Oscillation) cause significant socio-economic damage in the region. The overall objective of the PRASDES Programme is to promote sustainable human activity and reduce vulnerability to imminent disasters and long-term risks through the efficient exchange and use of hydrological, meteorological and climatological information in the Andean region. The specific objective is to strengthen the capacity of the National Hydrological and Meteorological Services (NHMS) in the Andean Region to provide quality services and information in response to the needs and demands of strategic development sectors, risk management systems and vulnerable communities at regional, national and local levels. The host organisation for the cooperation is CIIFEN (International Centre for Research on El Niño. The implementation is conducted in close cooperation with the National Hydrological and Meteorological Services of the Andean countries. The technical assistance and inter-institutional components of the programme include expertise of the Finnish Meteorological Services and Finnish Environment Institute especially at the bi-national cross-border pilot sites. The main beneficiaries of the cooperation are the National Hydrological and Meteorological Services of the Andean countries as well as the local communities especially in the project pilot areas who need accurate weather and early warning services to maintain and improve their living conditions and livelihoods. Other beneficiaries include various strategic sectors of the participating countries: agriculture, energy, health, housing etc. as well as national risk reduction authorities. The three and a half year programme has begun in May 2013 and the implementation period is 2013-2016. The overall budget is 3,5 million Euros.

Funding decision  27.12.2012

1 500 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Climate change - adaptation
  • Aid to environment

Field of activity

  • Environmental policy and administrative management 60%
  • Flood prevention/control 20%
  • Agricultural water resources 20%

Funding channel

  • CIIFEN - International Centre for Research on El Niño
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