Development cooperation ,15.12.2014

Capacity Building in Animal Genetic Evaluation Methods and Design of Dairy Breeding Programs to Strengthen Ethiopian Dairy Development


The overall development objective of this ICI project between MTT Agrifood Reserach Finland and National Artificial Insemination Center (NAIC) in Ethiopia, is to improve food security and reduce poverty by improving the milk productivity of the cattle in Ethiopia. The project focuses on strengthening the capacity of NAIC and training people who are involved with the genetic improvement work related to milk production. This is a second phase of the project and will be implemented 2015-2017. The first phase is implemenetd in 2011-2014. The results of the first phase include creation of national animal identification system, establishment of national dairy herd performance system and monitoring scheme on a pilot scale, establishment of computerized dairy cattle database center and training of experts and farmers in herd performance recording and advisory systems. The project is supported with 385 000 euros, which is divided 2015: 85 000 euros, 2016: 200 000 euros and 2017: 100 000 euros.

Funding decision  15.12.2014

385 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Agricultural education/training 70%
  • Agricultural research 30%

Funding channel

Muut toteuttajat



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