Development cooperation ,07.12.2012

Supporting Yemeni National Dialogue and Confidence Building


Within a context of political transition in Yemen, CMI facilitates an informal nation-wide dialogue among all key Yemeni political groupings. Overall, the project aims to support inclusive national dialogue through 1) building and maintaining confidence among all political groupings; 2) formulating concrete policy recommendations on issues of national importance; and 3) advocating proposals to highest-level decision-making and the wider public for further dialogue. The dialogue forum involving all key Yemeni stakeholder groupings is designed to be an unofficial support track for highest-level decision-making and formal national dialogue during the ongoing transition phase. The project rationale is that national dialogue involving representatives of all relevant Yemeni political groups is a prerequisite for finding a sustainable and lasting solution to the current crisis. Of the cross-cutting development policy objectives, the project thus contributes to rights of groups that are easily marginalized, such as women and groups that have previously been excluded from political decision-making in Yemen. The target group of the project consists of mid-level Yemeni political actors from all key political groupings; formal political parties, the youth movement, the Houthis and the Southern movement. Additionally, the group involves NGO activists and academics. Project activities include core group workshops in Sana'a and Istanbul, consultations and working group meetings in Yemen as well as inter- and intra-group meetings in Yemen and abroad.


  • 2013: 450 000 €

Field of activity

  • Post-conflict peace-building (UN) 60%
  • Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution 40%

Funding channel

Crisis Management Initiative (CMI)



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