Development cooperation ,19.02.2013

MIDA Health Northern Somalia


The aim of the project is to strengthen the health sector in Northern Somalia by developing its human resources. Health services have collapsed in Somalia due to almost 20 years of civil war and also to shortage of administration structures. The situation in Northern Somaliland and Puntmaassa is slightly better, yet the availability and level of health care services are totally inadequate. There is a shortage of skilled labor and financial resources necessary to build infrastructure and obtain medical tools. For example, the number of skilled midwives is very low. The aim is to strengthen the health sector using the health professionals of Somali diaspora in Finland that travel to the area to train local health workers. The Diaspora has a lot of health care professionals who are trained in Finland. The project aims to train 200 local professionals as instructors who can share their knowledge and skills in the area after the project which increases the sustainability of the intervention. The project aims to select female health professionals who are able to assist in improving the health of women and at the same time providing local women an example of successful activities of women in the society. The project is bilateral. The IOM (International Organization for Migration) is the implementing partner.

Funding decision  19.02.2013

195 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Health education 20%
  • Basic health care 20%
  • Health personnel development 60%

Funding channel

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