Strengthening the efficiency of funding policy
Development cooperation , 18.06.2015

Strengthening the efficiency of funding policy


The most important channels of influence in the Development Banks are the Replenishment and Capital Increase Negotiations, Participation in the work of the Board, the Development Committee of the World Bank, Annual Meetings of the Development Banks and meetings during them relating to for instance World Bank Partnership Programs or Thematic Trust Funds. Innovative Financing Mechanisms is a growing element in international Development Financing and their significance is growing. Participation in the World Development Report (WDR) preparation requires among other things travelling which is planned to be covered from this Program. To confirm and enhance influence of Finland the Unit for Development Financing Institutions has prepared a Program in order to cover the cost regarding meetings, planning and interaction

Funding decision  18.06.2015

120 000 €

Target region

Developing countries

Field of activity

  • Administrative costs 100%

Type of aid

Administrative costs not included elsewhere

Funding channel

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