Development cooperation , 10.07.2015

Finnwatch, Boost for sustainable European supermarket store-brands as a key driver for the EYD 2015 and beyond


The objective of this project is to improve the sustainability of production and consumption patterns of supermarket store-brands in the context of the EYD2015 and beyond. Making these widely consumed store brands more sustainable will have a huge positive impact on environmental, working and living conditions in developing countries. By increasing the accessibility of consumers to information about the impact of the life cycle of store sustainable products. The project will promote specific implementation plans for fairer supply chains of European supermarket chains. The aim will be achieved through activities aiming at decision makers in the supermarket supply chains and by providing blueprints for sustainable supply chain management and business models that support a future sustainable trade in the EU. The activities will focus on capacity building, target group specific communication through sector specific median, roundtables and conferences as well as on scenario workshops, which will be used to develop alternative views and approaches to long-established practices. Another important aim of the project is to raise consumers' awareness on sustainable production. To reach this aim, a unique European partnership of 20 social and environmental organisations and networks from all over the continent will engage in campaigning, lobbying and research on sustainable production. With its extended networks all over Europe and the huge number of multipliers, the consortium is well prepared to mobilize European citizens, CSO-multipliers and interested journalists. due to the consortiums' close relationship to the journalists, the project will have an impressive outreach to the European public. The project will also advocate the initiative or improvement of two European laws and regulations on fair trade relations. This will be achieved through usual lobbying activities including active contact to EU decision and policy makers via e-mail, phone calls or meetings. Additionally, the project will provide information to ongoing EU initiatives that are connected to the sector.

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