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CGIAR, founded in 1971, is a global partnership that coordinates, supports and implements agricultural research for the benefit of rural poor in developing countries. CGIAR's operations are guided by a strategy and results framework and implemented through the research centers' joint programs. The research work is carried out by 15 CGIAR centers working in collaboration with other national and international research organizations, development institutions and the private sector. The quality and strategic alignment of the research work is ensured by an independent group of experts and results are assessed by an independent evaluation arrangement. The strategic objective of CGIAR is through research to reduce rural poverty, improve food security, nutrition and health, and support the sustainable use of natural resources in developing countries. Population growth, land degradation and pollution, the depletion of water resources, as well as the consequences of climate change call for improved productivity and sustainability of agricultural production and emphasize the need for agriculture and forestry research. The resultsof the work of CGIAR centers in strengthening food security and improving the sustainability of natural resource use in developing countries are indisputable. Investments in agricultural research are according to international studies highly productive. Through the development of more sustainable and productive crop varieties, CGIAR is estimated to have increased food production by 4-5 per cent globally and 7-8 per cent in developing countries. CGIAR's work is well aligned with the key objectives of the Finnish Development Policy Programme and the Development Policy Guidelines on Agriculture and Food Security. Finland's support to CGIAR will amount to EUR 6 million during the years 2015-2017. The financing will be channelled partly as general assistance to the CGIAR system and partly as direct support to those CGIAR institutions, which have established close co-operation with Finnish reasearch organizations.

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Funding decision  12.12.2014

6 000 000 €

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  • Agricultural research 100%

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