Development cooperation ,06.08.2014

LGBTI Rights project & project for ending impunity in Latin America


PEN International is seeking support for its program on LGBTI rights; pilot project will build awareness throughout the international literary community of the threat that homophobia poses to writers and freedom of expression throughout the world. The organization will enable PEN centres from every continent to join in developing a consensus framework for advocacy on LGBTI issues and an initial blueprint for that advocacy and equip PEN centres to engage in public discussions and carry out advocacy initiatives that respond to the rise in homophobia and discriminatory laws and policies in their own countries. The objective is to build the capacity of key PEN centres in three countries where the threats posed by homophobia are especially acute to participate in advocacy initiatives, influence the public debate, and mitigate damaging national policies and provide support and solidarity to those affected by violations of LGBT rights. PEN anticipates that the direct beneficiaries of this pilot project will be PEN’s global membership, which will emerge with a sense of urgency and common purpose and a framework for confronting LGBTI issues. PEN centres in countries where homophobia is growing, will be fortified by a sense of solidarity and support from the global community and with new ways to enter the discussion of LGBTI issues in their own countries. PEN centres in targeted countries where writers and free expression are most urgently threatened by rising homophobia, will receive training and capacity building support to design and implement advocacy plans specifically tailored to their countries. A more focused, active PEN community that is engaged in challenging the rise of homophobia at the national and international level will, in turn, be able to offer more direct support and solidarity to LGBTI writers and activists worldwide. The project will have a specific focus on Africa where training and seminars will be organized, but in addition PEN aims to equip its centres in Nigeria, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Russia, and other countries that are currently witnessing a rise in homophobic laws, policies, and attacks with a new PEN framework for confronting LGBTI challenges in their own countries.

Funding decision  06.08.2014

100 000 €

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  • Participatory development/Good governance

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  • Human rights 100%

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PEN International



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