Development cooperation , 15.06.2016

Global Education


The Unit for Development Communications in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is in charge of providing open, clear and reliable information about Finland´s official development policy and development cooperation. The Unit for Development Communications conducts a variety of communications projects and provides communication tools for the whole administration. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs lends support for global education at the local level. The new national core curricula is adopted in 2016 and provides ample space for global education in the general education. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs supports and facilitates a national project that provides in-service-training for teachers. The project connects a wide range of civil society organizations and pedagogical experts. The MFA also continues the long-term cooperation with the education authorities to safe-guard the presence of global education at the schools.

Funding decision  15.06.2016

250 000 €

Field of activity

  • Promotion of development awareness 100%

Funding channel

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