Development cooperation , 28.11.2016

Support to Afghanistan Livelihoods and Alternatives to Migration, SALAM


The Support to Afghanistan Livelihoods and Alternatives to Migration (SALAM) is a joint programme of UNDP, ILO and UNHCR in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MOLSAMD) to support the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoIRA) in developing comprehensive, coherent and integrated national policy and institutional frameworks for labour market in a time of crisis and protracted conflict. SALAM brings together the Government and three UN Agencies to work jointly with private sector and other partners to support durable solutions for external and internal migration in line with the Government’s vision. This new technical cooperation initiative focuses on vulnerable populations and is defined by the close participation of the national and international private sector. In this context, the programme’s main interventions promote the creation of an enabling environment for generating livelihood alternatives for semiskilled, unskilled, and skilled Afghans in Herat, Balkh, Kandahar, Ningahar, Kunduz and Kabul, provinces. SALAM also targets safer and more productive international labour migration for those who choose to leave Afghanistan, alongwith initiatives that promote legal opportunities for international migration, provisions to help Afghans take informed decisions, and protections for those who do migrate. SALAM is expected to deliver the following outputs: Output 1: Formalized institutional structures in support of regular labour migration for Afghan women and men are established Output 2: National and international employment opportunities for women and men potential migrants and returnees in five selected provinces and Kabul increased Output 3: Public awareness of the risks of irregular migration as well as local employment and regular migration opportunities in five selected provinces and Kabul increased Finland supports SALAM with 4,5 million Euros during the years 2016 and 2017.

Funding decision  28.11.2016

4 500 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Gender equality
  • Participatory development/Good governance

Field of activity

  • Employment policy and administrative management 40%
  • Vocational training 50%
  • Public sector policy and administrative management 10%

Special target group

  • youth

Funding channel

  • YK:n kehitysohjelma
  • YK:n pakolaisasiain päävaltuutetun toimisto
  • Kansainvälinen työjärjestö



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