Development cooperation , 14.09.2012

INT/Evaluation of Complementarity in Finland's development policy and cooperations


External independent evaluation of Complementarity in Finland's development policy and cooperation. The overall objective of this evaluation is to learn from the experience to find ways to use the different policy and cooperation instruments of Finland so that they are complementary and that mechanisms to accomplish complementarity are there. The evaluation will expose the dimensions of internal complementarity between the actors and the instruments of Finland and the dimensions of external complementarity with other actors and instruments in development. It will look at the overall development policy and cooperation of Finland, and how complementarity is depicted therein, how the measures to ensure complementarity have been instituted and how the respective responsibilities distributed and addressed at different levels. The special case-evaluations are: 1) Development policy analyse; 2) NGO-instrument overall and, including special case of three NGOs that are participating also in delivering humanitarian aid, as well as the INGO dimension, and LFCs, in countries that are visited, 3) IKI-instrument as a whole, and 4) country programmes of Mozambique and Zambia as desk studies, including country-level information emerging from the other two case-evaluations, as appropriate.

Funding decision  14.09.2012

600 000 €

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