Development cooperation , 30.04.2014

Promotion of Development Awareness. Public Events


The realisation of the objectives of Finland's development policy requires support from citizens and their confidence in the effectiveness and potential impact of any actions taken. The MFA's Development Communications Unit is responsible for raising public awareness about global development issues and the objectives, themes and results of Finland's development policy. Effective development communications require that medium and message meet citizen and stakeholder needs, that texts be written in clear language, and that each message be tailored to its target group. Information is made available not only through traditional official channels but also via social media and at public events. Specific programmes are being prepared to help the media learn about development issues and development cooperation. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs should be open and tell about the use of development cooperation appropriations and what has been achieved. In 2014, the Development Communications Unit (VKO-40) will take part in at least the following public events: Travel Fair, World Village Festival, Suomi Areena public debate forum in Pori, and European Development Days (EDD). Public events provide opportunities for meeting citizens to discuss about Finland's development policy and development cooperation. Material to be handed out to the public is being produced to increase knowledge about development policy and development cooperation.

Funding decision  30.04.2014

120 000 €

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  • Promotion of development awareness 100%

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