Development cooperation ,12.04.2017

Media cooperation


The Unit for Development Communications at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for clear, reliable and transparent public authority communications in development policy and development cooperation. The aim of communications is to bring forward the expertise and experience of people working with development policy and development cooperation in relevant public discussions. To achieve this aim there must be well-timed public authority communications as well as goal-oriented media work and communications with stakeholders, good networking, and strategic presence where the topics are being discussed, social media included. According to the Foreign Ministry’s annual opinion poll, Finns still consider the media as the most important source of information about developing countries and development policy. Well-planned and service-oriented media work improves the visibility of development cooperation themes in the Finnish media, widens the journalists’ knowledge of development policy issues and fosters the media relations of the management of the Ministry and its development policy.

Funding decision  12.04.2017

150 000 €

Field of activity

  • Promotion of development awareness (non-sector allocable) 100%

Funding channel

Suomen julkinen sektori



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