Global education
Development cooperation , 12.04.2017

Global education


The realisation of Finland’s development policy goals rests on citizens’ and stakeholders’ support on principle. Long-term support for global education creates a foundation for Finnish attitudes towards global burden-sharing. The national core curriculum for basic education, which entered into force in 2016, creates room for discussing global development themes in schools. Agenda 2030 and the sustainable development goals also highlight the importance of global education. The Foreign Ministry’s Unit for Development Communications supports global education from the perspective of the Ministry’s mandate. The aim is also to improve the condition for civil society organisations providing global education to work effectively at local levels. The Ministry continues its long-standing and fruitful cooperation with education authorities.

Funding decision  12.04.2017

200 000 €

Target region

Developing countries

Field of activity

  • Promotion of development awareness (non-sector allocable) 100%

Type of aid

Development awareness

Funding channel

Kehitysyhteistyön palvelukeskus ry



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