Foreign Ministry's repatriation flights

Foreign Ministry's repatriation flights

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Finnish missions abroad will continue to advise and assist travellers in returning from abroad. Commercial air connections continue to be the preferred option to return to Finland. Travellers should actively try to arrange a ticket back home via different airlines.

Updated 8.5.2020

Based on a Government resolution issued on 24 March 2020, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs can arrange supported repatriation flights for travellers is special circumstances. The need for supported repatriation flights will be assessed on a daily basis in light of the changing situation in the world. The first repatriation flights were arranged form Cyprus and Portugal on Friday 27 March 2020.

Tickets for the following repatriation flights are on sale now: 


available on Finnair’s website at


Arranged repatriation flights:

  • 27.3.2020 Pafos, Kypros 
                        Funchal, Portugal (Madeira) 
                        Faro, Portugal 
  • 31.3.2020 Havana, Cuba 
  • 1.4.2020    Goa, India 
  • 2.4.2020 Delhi, India
  • 7.4.2020 Dubai, Arab Emirates
  • 14.4.2020 Malaga, Spain  
  • 14.4.2020 Alicante, Spain 

  • 17.4. Malaga, Spain 

  • 17.4. Bangkok, Thailand 

  • 18.4 Delhi, India 

  • 29.4.2020 Antalya, Turkey 

  • 6.5.2020 Malaga, Spain 

  • 7.5.2020 Alicante, Spain

  • 8.5.2020 Tenerife/Las Palmas, Spain 

    The Foreign Ministry is posting information about the flights on its social media channels. The flights are subject to a charge. The repatriation flights will be available also to returning citizens of other Nordic countries and EU Member States.

All travellers need to submit a travel notification. The Foreign Ministry can then reach you and provide information about possible return flights. Follow the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and its missions abroad especially on the social media.

Persons returning to Finland must observe the guidelines for returning travellers, provided by the National Institute for Health and Welfare:

Stay in quarantine-like conditions for 14 days after your journey.

Do not use public transport from the airport; this is to avoid the risk of infections.

Avoid physical contacts.  Keep two metres away from other people except family members.

Keep in contact with your loved-ones and friends via telephone or social media channels. Do not meet them.

More information on the website of the National Institute for Health and Welfare

The measures being taken at the airport to guide people safely home or into quarantine have been tightened considerably. More information: Prime ministers office