Development cooperation

European Institute of Peace (EIP) core funding


The mission of the European Institute of Peace (EIP) is to contribute to and compliment the European Union's global peace agenda through peace mediation. EIP is a private public interest foundation under Belgian law. It is independent of the EU institutions. In addition to Finland, the EIP's members are Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain and Sweden. Finland is one of the founding members. The main areas of EIP’s work are, in accordance with its Articles of Association, peace mediation and mediation support tasks in areas where the EU has limited possibilities to act; mobilising experts and mediation support; providing advice and making European mediation experience and knowledge more accessible to decision-makers and actors; training and coaching; and providing small grants for mediation and dialogue processes. EIP activities support Finland's development and foreign policy objectives. EIP’s work is guided by the Institute’s strategic objectives to (1) be a centre of excellence for conflict resolution supporting lasting peace agreements, (2) optimise Europe’s contribution to conflict resolution, dialogue, and mediation, and (3) empower the Institute to deliver the change necessary to upgrade conflict resolution. Geographically, EIP focuses on several conflict countries and regions that are also important for Finland: Ukraine, the Western Balkans, Afghanistan, sub-Saharan Africa (Horn of Africa, Great Lakes region), the Middle East and North Africa (including Syria, Yemen), and in South America, Venezuela and Colombia. In its work, the EIP promotes objectives important to Finland, such as climate-resilient development, environmental protection, the Women, Peace and Security agenda and, more broadly, gender equality, as well as giving a voice to people and groups affected by violent conflict. Finland supports the implementation of EIP’s activities under the 2023 programme of work with EUR 250 000 core funding.

Funding decision

250 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Participatory development/Good governance
  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution 100%

Special target group

  • girls

Funding channel

Euroopan rauhaninstituutti



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