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Humanitarian Assistance; UNHCR; East Horn and Great Lakes


The Horn of Africa is a major junction of migration, and large numbers of people move back and forth within the region. The eastern route of the Horn is the busiest and most dangerous one in the world. The countries of the Horn of Africa are particularly dependent on grain imports from Russia and Ukraine, which is why Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has such a devastating impact on the region. More than 3.5 million refugees suffer from reduced food aid. In addition to about 5 million refugees and asylum seekers, there are over 12.8 million internally displaced persons in the Horn of Africa and Great Lakes region. Conflicts and climate change exacerbate socioeconomic challenges, for example in Ethiopia, where more than 80% of the residents are still dependent on agriculture. The most important reasons prompting people to travel are conflicts, but also drought, floods and crickets that are destroying crops. UNHCR provides life-saving assistance and protection for refugees and internally displaced persons in cooperation with partners and the authorities of the countries in the region. UNHCR provides refugees with emergency shelter and emergency relief supplies. The work of UNHCR also reflects the importance of the health sector (especially psychosocial support) and the water and sanitation sector.

Funding decision

3 000 000 €

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  • Material relief assistance and services 100%

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