Development cooperation ,20.06.2018

Evaluation on knowledge management and decision making in Finland´s development policy and co-operation


The evaluation focuses on knowledge management of development policy and co-operation in Finland emphasizing both decision making and learning. The results and the recommendations of the previous evaluations on results based management (RBM) form basis to this forthcoming evaluation. Evaluation investigates the progress of RBM, promotes the targets of RBM and deepens the recommendations of the previous evaluations. The evaluation concentrates particularly on knowledge management, evidence informed decision making and learning as part of the RBM. The purpose of the evaluation is to support management of the MFA in its endeavor to develop management, decision making and policy guidance practices. Evaluation supports the ongoing organizational renovation and capacity building at MFA. The objective of the evaluation is to assess how coherently MFA has implemented knowledge management in development policy and cooperation. The evaluation gives practical recommendations for information collection, storing and analyzing and use of information, including monitoring data, centralized and decentralized development evaluations and other possible information sources for enhancing collaboration and promote organizational learning and attainment of results. The purpose of the evaluation is to enlarge participants´ knowledge and understanding of knowledge management. The evaluation gives information about advances and shortcomings at different levels of development policy implementation. The evaluation investigates how learning takes place and to what extend has learning been systemized. The evaluation takes account the special demands of private sector and SDGs, the capacity building of personnel and in-service training. The approach in the evaluation is utilization focused. The evaluation is also development oriented and participative. The evaluation includes brief review in order to form theoretical framework for evaluation set-up, benchmarking visits, survey, field visits to selected countries and in–depth interviews, workshops and delivery of the results. The evaluation started 3/2018 and will tentatively end 6/2019.

Funding decision  20.06.2018

400 000 €

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  • Administrative costs (non-sector allocable) 100%

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Particip GmbH



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