Development cooperation , 29.05.2020

UNDP SRF Syria crisis, support to resilience agenda


The Syrian conflict has created a humanitarian catastrophe affecting the lives of millions of people. The resilience of societies is under extreme pressure also in Syria's neighboring countries that host millions of refugees, while facing their own internal societal and economic challenges. Finland supports the resilience of Syria's neighboring countries who carry the highest share of hosting the refugees, as outlined in Finland’s Strategy for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian aid in response to the Syrian conflict. Finland has supported the work of the UNDP in mainstreaming resilience-thinking into the work of the UN. UNDP is the co-coordinator (with UNHCR) for the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) plans, being responsible for coordination of resilience activities under the plan. The project continues Finland's support for UNDP’s resilience work. With Finland’s support, UNDP's SRF has previously promoted resilience agenda in the UN Syria crisis response. For example, SRF has convened partners in conferences, meetings and workshops, in which crisis response plans have been drafted and monitored. SRF has also produced knowledge products and articles on strengthening societies’ resilience, as well as advocated for a more resilience-based programming in UN response plans. In addition, Finland and SRF, together with private sector actors, have organized Innovation for Crisis workshops (I4C), in which efforts have been taken in order to find new solutions to humanitarian challenges. All the above work will continue in the next phase of the project: SRF will continue its coordination role; convenes different actors in conferences, workshops and meetings; develops knowledge products on supporting resilience; as well as brings together private sector actors for I4C workshops. Particular emphasis will also be put in fragile societies’ – such as Lebanon and Jordan’s – capabilities and resilience to cope with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, as the outbreak is likely to have far-reaching implications for these societies. Furthermore, in the new phase of the project, SRF will put more focus on sensitizing the relevant UNDP country teams for the resilience agenda, using its expertise to strengthen the country offices’ resilience-based programming. The overall budget of the project is 0.9 million euros, which will be allocated to UNDP’s sub-regional response facility SRF for 2020–2022.

Funding decision  29.05.2020

900 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Gender equality
  • Participatory development/Good governance

Field of activity

  • Multi-hazard response preparedness 50%
  • Relief co-ordination and support services 25%
  • Research/scientific institutions 25%

Funding channel

YK:n kehitysohjelma



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