Development cooperation ,18.12.2017

Planning and monitoring funds for the Finnish Syria-support


Ministry for Foreign Affairs has just published the Strategy for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid in response to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq for 2017-2020. Finnish assistance to Syrian conflict exceeds 35 Million Euros in 2017 and 4,5 Million to Iraq. Financing needs are not likely to decline during 2018. The MENA-unit is responsible for the overall monitoring of the strategy. Roughly 8 million Euros is directly on its project portfolio. The Finnish support to Syria and Iraq is thematically broad, and changing conflict dynamics require a great deal of flexibility. Thus funds are needed for monitoring the existing (amounting to roughly 26 million Euros) and preparing the new interventions. Finnish funds are channeled through UN agencies, World Bank, Syria Recovery Trust Fund and (I)NGOs. Most of the monitoring is done by the MFA and Embassies' staff but also assessments, audits and evaluations are contracted to support this function.

Funding decision  18.12.2017

91 361 €

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  • Administrative costs (non-sector allocable) 100%

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