Development cooperation ,01.06.2020

Framework arrangement for development evaluation services


The Development Evaluation Unit (EVA-11) of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) carries out regular strategic level and policy evaluations, meta-evaluations and syntheses of decentralized and centralised evaluations. In addition, different types of preliminary evaluability reviews or background reviews on wider evaluations or on other issues of importance to the organisation are commissioned by EVA-11.The unit also supports other operational units in their programme evaluation activities by providing capacity development, evaluation guidelines as well as help desk services during planning and implementation of decentralized evaluations. All evaluations and reviews are commissioned to independent evaluators. Due to the volume of concurrent evaluations and unit's limited human resources, external services are required for the function to be efficient. The rationale for the evaluation management service framework (EMS) is to provide a new service based management and facilitation of evaluations. The service-based approach allows a more flexible use of evaluation expertise, also during the planning phases. External expertise is needed especially when finalizing the evaluation design, methodologies as well as when defining the required team expertise in evaluation. The EMS also strengthens a coordinated approach to the multiple parallel evaluations commissioned, thus increasing effectiveness and synergies. The use of EMS provides a platform for accumulating knowledge also within the commisioning organization. MFA experiences with the first EMS-arrangement were positive and support the continuation of this model with some modifications. Furthermore, MFA wishes to strengthen the utility and usefulness of development evaluations and, to that end, to develop this framework further, including innovative approaches and communication. The role of the MFA as the commissioner of evaluations (planning and taking decisions on the design and implementation of evaluation, quality assurance of evaluation deliverables, dissemination and use of the evaluations). The role of the EMS Service Provider is that of a manager (coordination, facilitation of evaluation teams and missions as well as backstopping services) and implementer of evaluations. EVA-11 intends to allocate 4 milliion euros worth of contracting authorities and 600 000 euros worth of budget funding of 2020.

Funding decision  01.06.2020

4 600 000 €

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  • Administrative costs (non-sector allocable) 100%

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