Development cooperation ,22.04.2020

WB Trust Fund for Global Evaluation Capacity Initiative, GECI


To achieve the SDGs countries need strong Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems and capacities, encompassing i) an adequate enabling environment with high levels of awareness of the role of evaluation in evidence-based policy-making as well as the necessary regulatory environment in place to support the use of evidence in program design and decision-making; ii) institutional frameworks and practices for evaluative evidence to be generated and used in parliaments, ministries, government agencies and civil society organizations; iii) and individual capacities to generate high quality and relevant evaluative evidence. There is a growing demand from governments and other stakeholders in Emerging, Developing and Fragile Economies (EDFE) to strengthen their M&E systems and capacities. A recent study by the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) showed that, while 91 % of national development strategies referring to the Agenda2030 and the SDGs, only 35 % of them have data and systems to track implementation. The Global Evaluation Capacity Initiative (GECI) is an inclusive multi-stakeholder partnership aiming to create a bridge between evaluation capacity demand and supply by pooling technical and financial resources of several global actors through a multi-donor TF with the objective to increase the number of countries and institutions equipped with high quality M&E systems and capacities to improve their performance and progress towards the SDGs. Further GECI aims to equip governmental institutions (at national and sub-national levels), as well as local NGOs and (potentially) private sector organizations with strong M&E systems and capacities, anchored in local cultures and practices and informed by global, regional and local best practices. As a result, GECI's partner countries and institutions will become champions of accountability, evidence-based learning, and informed decision-making at country level. GECI collaborators include World Bank IEG, UNDP IEO, OECD_DAC EvalNet, Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), bilateral donors such as Sweden, New Zealand, The Netherlands; Germany, Denmark and Norway (TBC). Finland's support at mobilization phase is of 250 000 euros for use in 2020-2021. Further funding will be considered on the basis of achieved results.

Funding decision  22.04.2020

250 000 €

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  • Participatory development/Good governance

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