Development cooperation , 16.12.2019

Strengthening democratic institutions in the governance of natural resources, 2nd phase


This joint project between DEMO, NIMD and IMD aims to strengthen national and provincial parliaments in Mozambique so that they are able to implement their oversight role of the mining sector in an active and inclusive manner. The project is a continuation for the consortium's work in 2017-2019. The aim is, on one hand, (1) to support the democratic development of Mozambique by strengthening the role and capacity of Parliament, and on the other, (2) to promote the use of the extractive industries, a crucial sector for Mozambique, for inclusive and sustainable development. The main results of the first phase of the project included increased awareness of the parliamentarians on development questions and challenges related to extractive industries, introduction of human rights based approach to the parliament´s oversight work, and the establishment of a dialogue forum for the National and Provincial Parliaments. In spring 2019, an external evaluation was commissioned. This evaluation strongly recommended the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to continue the project with the same concept, but extending the project thematically to cover also natural resource revenue management. The second phase is programmed for period 2020-2023, in accordance with Mozambique's election cycle. This project is part of Finland’s second impact area in the Country Strategy for Development Cooperation in Mozambique: good governance, which supports natural resources management for inclusive and sustainable development. The project also supports and benefits from other projects funded by Finland on the governance area. These projects produce high quality research for policymaking and public debate, and support reforms in public finance to promote transparent and efficient taxation and management of public funds. The total budget for the project is 2,8 million euros for 4 years (2020–2023). Finland is the only donor for the project.

Funding decision  16.12.2019

2 800 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Participatory development/Good governance
  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Legislatures and political parties 50%
  • Mineral/mining policy and administrative management 50%

Funding channel

DEMO Finland ry



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