Development cooperation ,25.03.2013

Waaberi primery school


The project idea originated in Gedo Development of the Chairperson, SORASOD: in Gedo and Development's meeting with the chairmen Beled-Hawa at the local Peace Conference in 2003. Gedo Development said then that Baled-Hawon area is urgently needed assistance to basic education as well as a new organization of the school building. It was noted that the similarity between the activities of the organization and began to discuss the development of the area and launched an e-mail correspondence for future co-operation further. E-mail correspondence has provided more information on the background, gender equality and the lack of poor families, children, and girls' school enrollment, as minor. There are only a few private schools, where poor children can not afford, because tuition fees are vital to the plane of high-level. Gedo SORASODin Development's Board of Directors proposed to the Chairman of the project and later SORASODin they addressed the meeting and decided to go to support the project. Diaspora in Finland and other countries have been collected money and built gradually Waabari school. Action has been initiated with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has been the opportunity to Waaberi primary school pupils to take more than 320 7-10 year old students and nine staff, either a major area of development for the recruitment of nine persons, and so much studying the place is really important. - Project's second phase of the teachers are recruited and maintained school buildings and seeks to shape school supplies (such as books, desks). In addition, the project area infromoidaan parents, regional authorities and residents as well as religious leaders in the school safety and improve reliability. The project aims to ensure that the school place will be equal for all minority groups (eg girls, the poor), and environmental issues into account.


  • 2013: 68 144 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Primary education 100%

Special target group

  • women
  • girls
  • children

Funding channel

Somali Reconstruction and social Development ry SORASOD



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