Development cooperation ,14.02.2017

A profession for all: professional training for countryside women - Phase II


Phase II of the project addresses women owners of micro-enterprises in the rural areas in order to strengthen their socio-economic capacities by offering them capacity building and professional training that will strengthen their economic stability. In order to take preventive action due to increasing migration of youth from rural areas in to the cities, a training program addressing young women and girls will be also implemented. The project will be implemented in 24 months. During the first three months the action will be launched among stakeholders, the material will be further elaborated, some team members will be recruited and cooperation agreements will be signed. Awareness campaigns will be done during 9 months every year. The training program will be delivered twice following the academic year calendar: vocational training program (9 months), entrepreneurship (3 months) and soft skills (6 modules of 1 month). The CSO’s trainings will be delivered in the villages on the first year. And the second year the three selected projects will receive the sub-granted and will be implemented. The activities will be the following: 1- Implementation of a professional training program in the sectors of Tourism and Hospitality Management through a competency based vocational training program (800 hours), a modular training of Entrepreneurship (100 hours) and a work experience internship (400 hours) in the Institute of Management and Services (IMS) in Maad- Jbeil. 2- Implementation of 2 cycles an Intensive Entrepreneurial Training Program in “Professionalization of rural micro-businesses in rural areas” of 20 hours, implemented in local rural areas. Each cycle includes 5 workshops of 4 hours each; participants will get practical managerial and financial tools such as Financial kit, completed written Business plan and Entrepreneurship workbook. 3- Implementation of 8 awareness campaigns in schools and 1 orientation session in IMS for a total of 150 young girls, towards orienting them to the sectors of Tourism and Hospitality Services, as new sources of job opportunities.


  • 2017: 37 500 €
  • 2018: 37 500 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Vocational training 100%

Special target group

  • women
  • girls

Funding channel

  • Inter-Cultur ry



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