Development cooperation ,06.08.2014

Transparency International Secretariat (TI-S)


Transparency International (TI) is the leading, global NGO working against corruption and has succeeded in placing and maintaining corruption on the international agenda while developing the tools to address it. The international movement of Transparency International now consists of more than 110 National Chapters, Chapters-in-formation and National Contacts, and a range of Individual Members. TI National Chapters are locally established and fully independent national NGOs that are strongly rooted in their own country and set their own priorities and strategies according to national context and needs, while also contributing to the overall TI vision, mission, and strategy 2015. Together with the international Secretariat based in Berlin and Individual Members they form the global network that is the TI Movement. A 5-year Implementation Plan for the TI Secretariat supplements the Movement’s Strategy 2015 and serves as an overall roadmap for the Secretariat. The plan identifies seven Key Support Services which the TI Secretariat undertakes in support of the wider work of the Movement. This work includes our governance function, our global research (including the Corruption Perceptions Index), global communications, and global outreach and advocacy, for example on the post-2015 framework and the UN Convention Against Corruption. The plan also identifies six Key Programmes through which we seek to take our issue to scale, particularly working together with National Chapters on the ground. Our Key Programmes focus on people engagement, public sector integrity, business integrity, and further strengthening the TI movement. Core support from Finland allows us to implement all the functions as covered above. In additional, Finland’s support allows us to innovate, to invest and to improve our work and processes. Equally, it allows us to respond to changing targets quickly and to undertake our global communications and advocacy work for, with and on behalf of the TI movement. It further enables us to undertake global research, share knowledge within and outside of the movement, and develop and test new and innovative tools to fight corruption. In addition to the core support, Transparency International has requested earmarked support from Finland to increase our chances to achieve our main aim in terms of the post-2015 development goals, namely to anchor governance in the new post-2015 development commitments.

Funding decision  06.08.2014

1 400 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Participatory development/Good governance

Field of activity

  • Anti-corruption organisations and institutions 100%

Funding channel

Transparency International



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