Development cooperation ,12.02.2018

Better Journalism through Increased Professionalism of Somali Media


The overall objective of the project is to improve professionalism of Somali Journalists and assist with the gradual transformation of government media towards public service broadcasting in order to increase citizens' access to information and promote peaceful and democratic development of Somali society. Twelve training courses will be arranged with the National Union of Somali Journalists, reaching hundreds of journalists in Mogadishu and in all five regional states. Eight in-house trainings will be held with reporters, producers and other staff at Somali National Television in Mogadishu. By organizing the trainings, the project aims to 1) improve the production process and quality of SNTV, the national TV broadcaster, 2) improve the working conditions and awareness of safety concerns among Somali journalists, and 3) improve professional skills and self-esteem of women journalists. The project uses peer learning to transfer professional skills from experienced Finnish and Somali journalists to their colleagues in Somalia. The project also brings best practices from Finnish media to Somalia in public service broadcasting, promotion of labour rights, journalism ethics and equal gender at workplaces. As a result of the project, the level of professionalism among journalists is expected to increase. SNTV news coverage is expected to become more diverse and editorially more independent. Increased professionalism, better working conditions and improved physical and financial security will allow journalists to report in a more objective manner, reducing currently common violations against journalism ethics. Practical skills and self-esteem among women journalists will increase. Views of women and girls are expected to be more widely reported in the media. The audience will benefit from more informed and unbiased reporting.

Funding decision  12.02.2018

75 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Participatory development/Good governance
  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Media and free flow of information 100%

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