Development cooperation , 30.11.2016

Planning and monitoring funds for the Finnish Syria-support


The conflict in Syria has is closing the end of its sixth year and it has become the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of our time. The massive demands for resilience, reconstruction and humanitarian funding are not going to diminish during 2017. The Finnish development cooperation / resilience funding for the Syrian conflict has risen to above 10 million Euros during annually, reaching 14 million in 2015. The support is allocated to the resilience of the neighboring countries; resilience & stabilization inside Syria and peace building efforts. The support is channeled mainly through UN-agencies, World Bank, Syrian Recovery Trust Fund and a number of NGOs. Planning, monitoring and assessing the projects are an ongoing process in project management. Monitoring for projects started in 2015 and 2016 is an ongoing effort and continuing the planning of the new interventions and next phases of the existing ones will require planning funds during the year 2017. Most of this work is carried out by the MFA and Embassies' staff, but additional resources may be acquired through contracting assignments. Finland is hosting in Helsinki on 24th January 2017 the launch event of the joint UN plans (Humanitarian Response Plan, HRP, 2017 ja Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan, 3RP, 2017-2018). This is a major high-level gathering of the international aid community and includes high-level panels on essential political issues. Also the costs of this event will be covered with these planning funds. Above all, the Syrian conflict is unpredictable and the situation on the ground may change drastically even fast. Thus, it's very important that sufficient funds are provided for the planning and monitoring, so that these changes can be addressed and adapated to.

Funding decision  30.11.2016

130 000 €

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  • Administrative costs (non-sector allocable) 100%

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