Development cooperation , 17.09.2013

UNESCO/IPDC promoting ICT in media development


IPDC programme development and additional funding for 2013 UNESCO IPDC programme was founded in 1980 and is governed by a 39-Member State council. The council appoints an 8-Member State bureau which allocates funding to demand-driven projects which meet specific criteria. Finland is currently Chair of the programme, and has promoted new ideas in IPDC. Responding to the rise of ICT and the Internet, the IPDC now seeks to increase its work in two areas: (i) focusing support for media making a sustainable digital transition, with the objective of promoting freedom, pluralism and independence on the Internet. This requires mobilizing funds for, and soliciting innovative project proposals, in order to reinforce freedom of expression online (and, including in this, the digital safety of journalists). (ii) promoting the use of ICT to increase the supply and sharing of information about media development worldwide with special attention to the era being a time of digital transition. To this end, the IPDC bureau in 2013 adopted a Special Initiative called "Knowledge-driven media development", which seeks to develop a knowledge-community that elevates current and future media development activities into a practice of continuous learning and with enhanced impact. The Finnish additional contribution 2013 makes it possible to make this internat development of IPDC programme

Funding decision  17.09.2013

200 000 €

Field of activity

  • Information and communication technology (ICT) 100%

Funding channel

YK kasvatus-, tiede- ja kulttuurijärjestö



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