Development cooperation , 08.05.2015

Weapons and Ammunition Management in the Federal Republic of Somalia


The aim of the project is to enhance the capacity of the Somali authorities in relation to weapons and ammunition management to match the regional and international requirements. The aim is also to develop legislation on weapons and ammunition management that fulfills international standards at the time when UN arms embargoes are lifted. The project is important since by developing legislation it is possible to reduce armed violence which is common in the area. The violence is often targeted to women and children and other vulnerable groups. In addition by developing legislation it is possible to reduce diversion which in turn will have positive impacts on the regional safety. Diversion of small arms and light weapons increases conflicts and violence. When security situation becomes better it is possible to create an environment for sustainable development. The beneficiaries are local people when the security situation becomes better. Diversion has also regional implications hence also other countries in the region will benefit from the project outcomes. The Somali authorities will also benefit through increased capacity. The two year project will be implemented by The United Nations Institute of Disarmament Research UNIDIR that has strong experience in working in the region. Finnish contribution to the project is 200 000 euro. The project is a second phase of a larger project and Finland has supported the preliminary phase as well.The outcome of the first phase has contributed to enhanced capacity of the Somali Federal Government to identify and respond to existing challenges and opportunities related to arms and ammunition management, including preparation for notification on arms embargo to the UN Security Council. As part of the output of this project, an arms and ammunition assessment report¨was put together and is now used in the second phase of the project. UNIDIR has also been active in developing the standards and practices in relation to small arms and has tried to support the implementation of these in states that require assistance in this.

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Funding decision  08.05.2015

200 000 €

Field of activity

  • Reintegration and SALW control 70%
  • Security system management and reform 30%

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United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research



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