Development cooperation ,13.12.2016

AgroBIG II: Programme for Agro-Business Induced Growth in the Amhara National Regional State, second phase


The project is the second phase of AgroBIG (Programme for Agro-Business Induced Growth in the Amhara National Regional State) that supports rural economic development. The project will be implemented in the Amhara National Regional State of Ethiopia, which is one of the LDC countries. The results of the first phase include increased production of onion and maize by the beneficiaries. Over 170 projects in Amhara have been supported from the funds established in the project. The second phase of AgroBIG will be implemented in 2017-2021. The aimed impact of the project is that agriculture provides decent and sustainable livelihood and increased food security to its beneficiaries in rural Amhara regional state. Two outcomes contribute to the impact of the Programme and the first outcome needs to be achieved before the second can be achieved. They are 1. Value Chains in selected clusters provide increased income for farmers, cooperatives, processors, traders and private service providers. 2: Agricultural value chains provide jobs and income for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), and for women and youth. The expected outputs are:1: Value chain actors’ access to finance and financial services is improved. 2: Agricultural farm productivity in selected crops is increased. 3: Cooperatives’ effectiveness as value chain actors is increased and their economical sustainability is improved and 4 MSMEs and women and youth have skills and resources to earn their income from agriculture-based activities. The project will be managed by the Bureau of Finance and Economic Cooperation in Amhara National Regional State. Finland will also procure via open tendering a technical assistance team to support the project. Finland's support is on 9.4 millions with following annual division: 2017: 1 million, 2018: 2 million, 2019: 2,3 million, 2020: 2.6 million and 2021: 1,5 million.

Funding decision  13.12.2016

9 400 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Trade development
  • Aid to environment
  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Agricultural development 70%
  • Agricultural financial services 30%

Special target group

  • girls
  • youth
  • people with disability

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