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VetCare - North Kordofan State Mother and Child Health Care Project


This project aims to reduce the number of deaths among mothers, newborns, and young children by improving the health services in two Administration Units (El Obeid & Abu Haraz), Shiekan locality, North Kordofan State -Sudan. It supports North Kordofan State MOH in achieving national targets for reducing child mortality and improving maternal health (Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5). The project is designed to provide women and children with greater access to good-quality and reliable health services. It helps to ensure that targeted health facilities offer essential health services for women and children; it provides training for health care providers, health promoters and village midwives in emergency care for pregnant women, new mothers, newborn babies and under five children; and also contribute in improving the ability of men and women in these communities to recognize, prevent, and respond to maternal and child health issues. The project includes: Capacity Building program to improve the quality of primary health care services and raise awareness about potential health issues; Provision of medical equipment for Six delivery rooms at six existing health Centers; improvement of sanitation facilities in one district hospital; and Conduction of universal birth registration campaign in the proposed project areas. This project is expected to benefit 7,848 pregnant women, 7,233 women of childbearing age and 6,000 under five children (girls and boys).

OECD:n kehitysapukomitean seuraamat tavoitteet

  • Sukupuolten välinen tasa-arvo
  • Osallistava kehitys/hyvä hallinto
  • Lisääntymis-, äitiys-, vastasyntyneen ja lapsiterveys


  • Lisääntymisterveydenhuolto 25%
  • Naisten tasa-arvoisuutta edistävät organisaatiot ja instituutiot 50%
  • Kansalaisyhteiskunnan vahvistaminen 25%

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Vet Care Organization

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