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Almanar - Reducing the Risk of Gender Based Violence by Empowering Vulnerable, Conflict Affected Women


The overall goal of the project is to contribute in improving the livelihoods status of 210 women (women cooperative members) and their families from among the most disadvantaged communities in IDPs sites in Khartoum through a comprehensive self-reliance, and poverty reduction approach. The project works in an integrated way and combines a comprehensive social development program with activities to increase livelihood opportunities for women, thereby addressing both the causes and effects of women’s disempowerment. This will be achieved through building the knowledge and skills of women by raising awareness on their rights, supporting their groups to make their voice heard, providing vocational skills, literacy classes, secured life for their children and communities, and reducing barriers between women from different backgrounds and life experiences in order to contribute in strengthening a base for peace and reconciliation, coupled with gender training for men, leading to an improvement in the socio-economic status of the marginalized women and their families.

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Almanar Voluntary Organization

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