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CEWLA - Women's Legal Rights and Gender Equality


The overall objective of the project: end the discrimination against women within the different laws, especially within the personal status law. Specific objectives: 1- Activating the articles of the new constitution that are related to protecting women and combating discrimination against them. 2- Increasing awareness about the negative impacts of discrimination against women and its role in the continuity of violence against them. 3- Offering direct support for abused women and the affected cases by the discriminatory laws against women. Project purpose: capacities building for 60 clergymen and media men to combat and change the discriminatory law against women and achieve gender equality - reaching to proposals for legal provisions for gender equality within the penal code -spreading the awareness among 2000 people around the discriminatory laws and its impact on the continuity of violence against women - Directly supporting 450 of the target groups through extracting 400 official papers and providing civic services for them and filing 50 lawsuits .

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Center for Egyptian Women Legal Assistance

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