European elections in Finland 2019

Elections to the European Parliament are held in the Member States according to their national election legislation. Elections are held every fifth year in every Member State at the same time. More information on elections can be found on the elections website of the Finnish Ministry of Justice.


Accreditation is necessary for all foreign media representatives wishing to take part in media event organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in the framework of the European Elections 2019 in Finland.

All the accredited media will also be provided with contact information of the Finnish political parties and the accreditation will ensure you a better access to parties’ own elections nights.

Please apply for accreditation at no later than Wednesday 22 May 2019.

Election night event

The event will be organized during the Election Day, on Sunday 26 May. It includes both working space for media during  the election night in the City Center of Helsinki and Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE’s Election night program interpreted in English.

Present and available for comments and interviews will also be an independent political expert from the University of Helsinki. We will serve snacks and drinks during the Election night.

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