Get involved

By participating in creating the Algorithm for Gender Equality, you can help build a technology sector and a society that do not leave anyone behind.

You can participate by distributing campaign materials, taking part in the discussion, highlighting best practices for promoting equality, challenging your partners to get involved – or all of the above!

1. By participating in the discussion within your organisation and on social media:

  • Think about how gender equality and non-discrimination are visible in your organisation’s activities and objectives.

(Some examples of questions you can use to support your discussion are provided at the bottom of the page)

  • What do you think should be done to promote gender equality in technology?

2. By sharing your views:

3. By joining the Action Coalition and challenging others to get involved:

  • Would your organisation like to join the Finland-led Action Coalition by making a Generation Equality commitment?
  • Discuss the topic and your commitments with your partner organisations and other operators in the sector – challenge and inspire them to get involved, too!
  • Let’s make Finland a leader in tech sector equality and create a better future for everyone!
  • Partners will have the opportunity to report on their activities in the “Algorithm for Gender Equality: Best Practices” publication and to discuss the issue with other operators and partners.

As a Coalition Leader for Generation Equality, Finland welcomes businesses, civil society organisations, international organisations, foundations and all technology sector operators to get involved in the campaign!

You can also send your questions via email to generationequality[at]

Here are some questions you can use to support your discussion:

- Is our workplace attractive to all experts in the field?

- How can we support women’s and girls’ access to and engagement in the technology sector?

- Does everyone at our workplace have the same opportunities for career development?

- Do our products and services meet the needs of as many people as possible? How can we expand our customer base?

- What benefits of diversity do we recognise in our organisation?

- Do we have a diverse group of experts from different backgrounds participating in our innovation and development work?

 - Could we better support the participation of women and girls?

- In what ways can we have a positive impact on online discussion culture?